I recently took the plunge and started getting eyelash extensions from Erica and I'm two visits in, starting to get the hang of things and really loving the outcome. I know I was super hesitant before getting started because it's pricey and can be high maintenance but I thought opening it up to you, my followers with a Q&A would be appealing to give you some honest, behind the scenes info! Thank you to everyone who asked questions on my instagram post... let's review!

Q: I always hear that the lash extensions ruin your natural lashes, is that true, or is it just the fact that when the false ones are off your eyes feel/look naked?

A: This one I feel is actually 100% in your hands! If you're picking at the extensions and pulling them out... of course it will pull your natural out with it. That being said, if you're good about not playing or pulling at them, they won't hurt your own!

And yes, I'm sure when I'm no longer wearing them, I'll feel totally naked but let's not think about that now... ;)

Q: What's the longest you can go before a fill? How do you wash your face/makeup off with them? Do you brush them daily?

A: It's recommended to go 2-3 weeks between fills as your natural lashes shed causing the extensions to shed with them. I personally go every 2 weeks because I like them to stay full but if your lash cycle isn't as aggressive with shedding, I'm sure you could be generous pushing to 3 weeks!

When washing my face, I'm intentional about not rubbing my lashes at all. This will cause the glue to break down and leave me with the extensions falling out. I simply go around my eyes and ever so slightly address my lids to remove eye shadow.

I brush them daily before applying makeup! They are pretty messy after sleeping on them!

Q: Is sleeping an issue? How often do they shed?

A: I haven't found sleeping to be an issue. When I wake up, they're not straight and perfect so brushing through them is key!

Q: What do you look for when choosing the person to do your extensions? Do you still wear mascara? What the the average cost for the set?

A: I love reviews so before I got mine done, I read all up on Erica and was actually referred to her my friend, Jaime so I felt confident moving forward with her. Ask questions! If you're wanting to try them, call around and ask what makes the aesthetician different than others... why you should choose her and not someone else? It puts them on the spot to earn your trust and business!

Mascara isn't necessary with them because they're dark and full on their own. You can definitely wear it, but keep in mind, removing it will break down the glue quicker, meaning fills will be needed often. You can use baby shampoo to gently remove mascara.

Erica charges $85 for a full set and $45 for a fill which is the best deal I've come across! I feel like it's average about $150-$200 for a full set and about $80-$90 for a fill.

Q: Do the lash extensions damage your real lashes?? That's what I'm afraid of! And how long does it last? Cost?

A: They don't as long as you're not pulling and picking at them! (see first answer above)

You can typically go 2-3 weeks between fills and maintaining them but again, that's up to you and how you're treating them outside the appointments.

See cost above!

Q: How long in between fills? Can you wear mascara over? Cost worth it?

A: See my reply to all these questions above! :)

Q: Do lash extensions damage real lashes // do you still use mascara?!?

A: See my reply to all these questions above! :)

All in all, it seems like you guys had a lot of the same questions which surprised me! I hope going through this gave you a little insight for what to expect! It does take 2-3 days to really get used to them because they're so long, but not heavy at all. Also, it's an adjustment being mindful when washing your face or showering because my instinct is to rub my eyes but all in time, it's more normal because cautious around them!

If you have any more questions based on this, leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you!

Also, if you're in the PHX area and want to see Erica, she's booking for clients now!

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