You know those mornings you wake up and feel like stupid refreshed and excited to take on the day? It's totally not the normal waking up feeling because if we're being honest, do you truly sleep well and soundly when you have a little one you're always on edge waiting to hear and a 10 year old that snores louder than a train? You know what I'm saying? Andrew and I got a king size bed last September while I was pregnant and yes, the space was amazing but the comfort was lacking. Since then we've been debating getting a new bed (again!) and couldn't decide what route to take.

I've been seeing around the web the "boxed mattress" idea and found it intriguing so we began researching it more and more. 4Sleep came to my attention and after showing my husband, he said go for it! Within a week, our mattress was shipped straight to our doorstep in a friendly box that was brainless opening and getting set up. Perfection. Total ease. Comfortable. We did that on Sunday and the kids were loving (husband included) having something fun to jump around on for a while!

I love that it's made 100% in the USA and it keeps my body temperature right on so I'm not too hot or too cold. In all honesty, it does take getting used to if you're not familiar with memory foam but my husband and I both have already noticed we're not tossing and turning and we're waking up without aches and pains. I never realized how important a quality mattress was until we got one! Ha!

I thought I'd pull a couple pros and cons to the ever comparing person...

P R O S //
  • ships directly to you
  • made 100% in the USA
  • regulates body temperature
  • it contours really well to your body
  • not too soft but not too firm
  • gentle leg support on the edge- um, game changer!!
  • 100 day risk free in home trial is offered

C O N S //
  • it's heavier than the average mattress because of the memory foam- not really bad but does require 2 people to move it (in my opinion)
  • sides don't have handles to easily grab for moving ease (just a picky thing I like!)

I hope this helps you with some feedback! You can save $75 (here) when ordering your new mattress from 4Sleep! And make sure to follow them on instagram because they share some awesome videos and reviews from customers that give you a better insight to the fun!

G I V E A W A Y //
Check out my instagram for your chance to win a mattress for yourself!