top left to right then bottom left to right

1 // This verse has been resting on my heart so much recently. It's been a weird, tough season in a few aspects but mainly because of my migraines flaring up again. If you've been following this blog from the beginning, you know I deal with some intense migraines that leave me useless and crippled in pain. Things got better with them when I was pregnant and they really weren't terrible but they are back with a vengeance. More often than not, I'm debating the hospital and hard drugs again because the diets, oils and acupuncture aren't doing it to relieve the pain. This verse has kept me grounded and confident, this is a battle I can fight with His help and I stay positive in that. I'm also doing this devotional again and it's so easy but transparent. Definitely recommend it- I even got a kids version for Drake as a stocking stuffer.

2 // Since moving homes, we have about an extra 15 minute commute on top of what our previous one was at 20-25 minutes so when I have something I need from Costco or the outlets, I make a day of it. We pack up our bags (this one has been our lifesaver because of the size!) with yummy snacks and the necessities, meet daddy for lunch and then bust out some things that need accomplished. I've found it a good time for Emery and I to get out of the house and we get things checked off the never ending list. Plus, I always come across cute things for the kids like this, this, this and this so it's been a good change!

3 // When we moved into the new house, I asked my dad if he would build us a farmhouse table for our dining room because we have a huge space and I was elated to enjoy a formal dining. He happily obliged and has been working on it recently so we're getting the stain perfect and it should be ready this coming weekend! On that note, we shopped around for some chairs and a rug and this beauty arrived the other day.

4 // In all the chaos, I've always felt like there are seasons when love is growing and strengthening and that season is now for Andrew and I. That's not to say it's been bad or even blah but we get into the routine of life and the busyness and it seems like the randoms acts of love go without for a while and it's just shifted lately. We are getting more date nights thanks to each set of grandparents and we've been able to have day dates when he's off, even with the kids, but they're restful and exciting and something that definitely has added a little fire to our relationship.

5 // Plants. I'm really trying to get some real ones incorporated throughout our home and so far, I've killed two. My precious fiddle leaf fig is a browning mess but hasn't quite thrown in the towel so I resorted to a few succulents in my office and they're thriving! Chelcey sent me this print last week and it's perfection. I love the snark and truth behind it and I think more than myself can relate! ;)

6 // It's not particularly a secret we've been trying for a second baby since May and we went into it thinking it's all in God's timing and trusting in that. Well, this last month really has my emotions rearing up and getting upset it hasn't happened yet. I know I need to be calm and just enjoy the journey but we wanted Emery and a new baby to be really close in age and it's already proving I have to let the control go to embrace that God has different plans. Again, see the verse above! But how cute and little was our Emmy and I'm just dying for those sweet newborn cuddles and sleep deprivation again! ... said no mom ever! ;)

Anyway, just a few life updates for you as things are transpiring behind the scenes. I know these posts can be boring but it's also fun to connect and feel personal when following along with someone's journey. So there's your update for December and below are a few of the items I mentioned throughout. Drake is going to flip over that devotional... kid is always stealing mine!