Since we're all about to get a little time off for Christmas and hopefully New Years too, I wanted to share a few things I'm doing regularly to maintain some basics throughout the winter. I figure you'll have a touch of down time so if you don't have these in your typical routine, it could be fun to try it while you have that break this coming week, yes? I think so!

Coconut Oil- or any hair mask would work well!

Smile Sciences- they're offering their teeth whitening kit for $29 to my readers until January 22nd! It's originally $299 so now is your chance. Use code "AUBREYKIT" when checking out.

Hempz Triple Moisture- I used the regular lotion for a while and it's really great so when I saw this formula, I was excited! Game changer. You can thank me later.

Mint Julep Masque- Using it for years. It's a lifelong friend of mine and it does the job, y'all. The smell is so yummy too!

What's some beauty things you always have in rotation?
I'd love to know and try some new things out!