Never have I been the girl who has great skin and it was effortless maintaining a glow and blemish free face. I'm the total opposite. I struggled badly throughout middle school and high school with acne and even used Acutane to combat the worst of it. Around the time I turned 20 and got married, life seemed to settle down and I think at that point my skin became more manageable and with only the occasional breakout but a few years later, I was back to the unruly routine of trying product after product, seeing my dermatologist for adult acne and even mixed in trips to my facialist more often.

When I became pregnant with Emery, I switched from Philosophy (still wear their perfume!) and Mario Badescu to Enza Essentials as my regimen and it cleared things up better than it's been before. I was so pumped and continue to use the same line 2 years later, but it's been altered slightly (a spot treatment added) as I began breaking out again.

I was able to pin point those break outs to the makeup I was using which had never given me issues before. I was using Tarte BB Tinted Treatment because I adore the light coverage it gives but the option to build it out for a more flawless finish. So I was back to square one and opted to try It Cosmetics.

I had heard so many amazing things about the line and I even shared my initial thoughts of it, here. Since that post, I've been adding more and more to my collection and I'm hooked. Not only does it offer a great base with coverage and an air brushed look (with only CC cream!) it hasn't given me a single blemish or reaction so my skin obviously loves it!

Below I'm giving a run down of my everyday makeup with It Cosmetics mixed in. Disclosure- I have combination, acne prone skin so if you fall in that category, I recommend giving the below a try!

I just introduced this last week to my routine and it's awesome. You can wear it alone to dull down any redness you have or layer it with your foundation, which I do, to create a flawless finish. Doesn't cake, doesn't become oily throughout the day and it doesn't crease.

I actually just started mixing this in with the Your Skin but Better CC cream but I love the slightly dewy finish it gives without being shiny or coming across like a oily blob. My biggest fear is "illuminating" products because my combination skins hates them but I'm pleasantly surprised by this product! Recommend it and this one!

OB-freaking-SESSED. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled concealers and the cake and get sticky or crease... so annoying. This one covers those dark circles like it's nobody's business.
A finishing powder that doesn't cake or make you look chalky is hard to find, you guys! This gives a perfect blur and finishing out your face to keep it fresh and light all day long.
I don't think I'm picky with bronzer but this one goes on so gradually which is appealing. It's great for a simple dust of color or you can build it up for a structured contour... whatever you fancy!

A really subtle and light highlighter for my cheekbones, center of the nose and brow arch. I've mixed in Champagne Pop here and there but that has a definite glam factor so Watt's Up is my daily pick.
My tried and true. I've given so many mascaras a chance and always end up back at this $7 holy grail. I don't do waterproof because I found it flakes a bit but the original formula is golden.

It's light and easy to manipulate the look you're going for with the brows. Whether it's dark and bold or light and defined, this does wonders.

I'm a girl that always wear a nude lip. Always. I tried the bold looks to spice it up and the most color I'll incorporate is a soft pink. This stick gives a little shimmer but keeps it practically maintenance free.

So there you have it. From start to finish, the order I apply things and truly, it's the best my skin has been and I'm solely giving credit to the above. So tell me... are you a fan of It Cosmetics or other products I didn't mention? I'd love to hear!

I T E M S   M E N T I O N E D