dress- Viva La Fiesta | bows- Little Mint Julep | Baltic Amber necklace- Amazon

Andrew thinks this picture is hilarious and I needed to share it. She's so sassy and has the most absurd facial expressions these days so there's quite literally, never a dull moment. She also stands like this with her hands behind her back when she's evaluating something and again, Andrew couldn't love it more. He says it makes her look like a little professor teaching a class. Ha!

It's a rainy day today, actually it has been for a few days here and there because of monsoon season. I don't mind it one bit though- this is my kind of weather. We will start packing our house this weekend for the move because we have 14 days and we're out! That still seems so far for me but then I remind myself how I blink and 2 months have passed so it'll be here before I know it. It's my goal to make sure when I'm packing I'm super intentional about what is actually coming with us versus what can be sold/donated over the next couple weeks so when we get into the new house, I can organize everything really nicely. Going from a 4 car garage to 2 is a challenge and I'm up for it!

Here are a few codes floating around this week you can use when shopping!

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Lastly, I have a giveaway with Pink Blush Maternity happening on Instagram until this evening. Feel free to enter if you haven't already!

Have a great weekend, everyone!