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We are moved! We are settling! It's been a process but a fun and encouraging one at that. I've learned we have the best and most generous friends and family and life would be so difficult without all their help, rallying together for us. We hit the jackpot in that department. We are seriously loving our new home and the way it already feels so perfect for us. We were moved in last Saturday and unpacked and completely organized Sunday evening. I'm telling you- BEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

I won't lie when I say I'm really feeling all the stuff we tackled quickly though. I keep telling Andrew my pregnancy this time seems to be a lot more painful to where I could cry from her movements and activity and I don't know if that's because she simply moves more than Emery did or if it's because I'm doing too much and my body is not having it. I've started to swell and have contractions, colostrum is coming in and I'm officially always in breast pads. My dr warned me with that as it produces pitocin and that is what's making my uterus contract so I'm trying to focus on not doing too much each day and to simply tackle my lists here and there.

Lists would include:

Finish Hollyn's Nursery
- stock diapers and wipes (we will use Parasol Co)
- get crib
- hang final decor
- organize dresser

Misc House Projects
- hang final blinds
- change laundry room counters
- set up outside entertainment area
- organize garage (once it's cooler)
- hang flag out front

Finalize Clients Before Leave
- October calendar
*that is insane we're so close to thinking maternity leave!

So the list really is small but things I should just tackle over time and with help of my husband because I probably shouldn't be hanging anymore blinds by myself. I was yelled at far too many times while moving being on a ladder. haha!

I'll be back in the coming weeks with pictures of the new place and a little pregnancy update. Until then... xo