Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? We had my baby shower which turned out so beautifully! I wasn't super intent on taking pictures (shame on me) but I have some so I'll share it here on the blog this week sometime. My mama is one talented party thrower- let me tell ya! :)

Anyway, I want to slowly share our new space and how we've decorated... although it's only slightly different but that being said, we did gain a full bathroom! This is Drake's bathroom which is downstairs next to his bedroom but also the bathroom all our guests use so we went floral and matched mostly what the downstairs decor is so it's a good extension of it all.

I've been eyeing this shower curtain from Anthropologie for months and months so knowing we'd have this space, I went for it and made the purchase. The fabric is so luxe and we get compliments on the print every time someone is over. It really pops in the space! Otherwise, it's small and basic, but a few accents with flowers, wicker and cute soap spice it up a bit.

shower curtain- Anthropologie | bath mat- Anthropologie | towels- HomeGoods | wicker stool- HomeGoods | faux plant - IKEA | candle- Anthropologie | hand soap- Target