Good morning! Do you ever just have the best night's sleep after not sleeping for a serious amount of time and wake up so refreshed?! It totally changes your mood and makes you feel like a million bucks. We've been sick here and there and I finally could breathe through my nose again so even though the night wasn't a long night of sleep, it was restful and for that, I'm appreciative.

A few months back I shared how I introduced TULA to my skin routine and it's been something I've purchased 3 times over and as gifts because I really do love the inventory. I wanted to do a follow up post on the items I have now in rotation and one product they sent over they're launching this week, I know you'll love too! 

I've been using everything you saw in this post still and haven't stopped. My holy grail (and one item I think every medicine cabinet should stock) is the Exfoliating Treatment Mask. It has the tiniest little beads throughout the mask so when it's wiped off after setting, exfoliation takes place and your skin is left dewy, clean and feeling so refreshed.

I do this 2-3 times a week depending on how much makeup I've been wearing and what weather conditions have been like. Humidity = more masks because my skin clogs. I wipe with one of these after washing my face with this cleanser, apply the Exfoliating Treatment Mask and finish with TULA's new Multi-Spectrum Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment.

The Rescue Treatment is like buttahh in a jar. It's built to rejuvenate your skin in about 7 days and leave your skin feeling softer, more supple and youthful. It's silky smooth and so creamy, but not oily. Does that make sense? I wasn't aware an overnight treatment was essential but TULA shared some thoughts with me about it and I thought you may want to be educated on this as well...

  • Our skin loses moisture at night so the formula helps restore lost moisture so you wake up with refreshed, plumper skin.
  • During the day, our skin is constantly fighting off free radicals caused by UV rays or pollution so at night our skin repairs this damage giving product more time to work effectively.
  • Ingredients like retinol (which increase cell turnover!) work dramatically better at night when the UV rays from the sun aren't triggering skin cells to product more melanin. 

I've used it 9 evenings now (in a row) and went to my dermatologist yesterday and she said how great my skin looks! That's huge! She's also a big advocate for my TULA obsession and thinks the product aligns so nicely with my skin's needs. I always recommend taking these items to your skin care professional to ensure they feel it's a good tool and fit for you too.

I still adore the Hydrating Day and Night Cream which I am using throughout the day over the top of this Illuminating Serum and sometimes I'll even top the Rescue Treatment with the Hydrating Cream because I love it so much. I'm intrigued to try the Advanced Neck Cream but having stocked up recently, I'll wait it out a bit.

What are some skin products you love and tell all your girlfriends about? I can't speak highly enough of TULA and I hope, if you've tried it, you love it too!

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