Eating time in our house has taken a turn for gambling. I never know if she will want to eat and if she does, how much she will it. This is seriously foreign to me because she's been an eater from day one and never was picky until about 3-4 weeks ago. It's like a switch went off and I'm desperate to get her to maintain a healthy routine with fruits, veggies, grains, dairy.

On top of doing the "no eating dance" we've been dealing with a few tantrums and throwing plates or utensils because home girl just can't have any food in her sight... I mean, can you tell she's a girl?! The emotions are insane!

I went ahead and snagged some BONNSU Miniware, made quite literally for toddlers like mine, as they offer a suction base to keep the plate and bowls in place during meal time. The first time, Emery tried grabbing it and throwing but got nothing... win! The second time, she thought it was so great her bowl and plate stayed in place because she could reach her food after the dreaded melt down when she decided she wanted to eat again. Another win!

We brought them to a dinner party last week too (because the last thing I need is my toddler ruining someone else's home with a food fight) and we got so many compliments on them and how they're designed. I felt like I won an award for finally combating my child's little, defiant mind. Yay!

Anyway, food for thought and a great product we are loving so in case you have the crazy eater and meal meltdowns at your house too, this may be just what you need!

Happy Friday!