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Love love love this stuff! It's my go-to for a hair mask once a week. Run under hot/warm water, massage it onto dry hair and rinse off in the shower. It leaves you silky smooth and so ready for a week of processing and using product galore- hehe!

I ran out of my typical highlighter a couple weeks back and saw this at Target so I opted to try it. I thought if it could give me a blush/highlighter in one, perfect! It's been really lovely and something I've worn everyday since buying- so win!

I also snagged this when I got the above because I've been hearing so much about balms to cleanse and remove makeup... guys! It melts it off and it smells so good. I really love this and have used it probably every other night in rotation with my TULA cleanser.

Emery and I ran to the mall the other day and I picked up a ton of bath bombs but I've also had some extra redness in my face so I snagged this mask. If you're not familiar with LUSH, they make everything in house and fresh so the product you're getting is amazing for your skin. You have to buy masks in store as they require refrigeration but this one has redness calming traits and smells so rosy. Love it!

Just so stinkin' cute right? I got this a couple months ago after watching Mean Girls and I think it's just so fun! I've been keeping it filled with necessities in my purse. Lotion, chapstick, gum, kid snacks... you name it. I have the larger size!