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Let's chat about something a bit more intimate. I never found a nursing bra I loved the first time around because I didn't end up nursing for long. When I was nursing, I was basically topless for about 3 weeks straight and that's all it came down to. Since I'm deathly determined to make nursing work with Hollyn, I've been on the hunt for a really amazing nursing bra that offers support, comfort and functionality- obviously.

My sweet friend, Fatima, told me about Bravado Designs as she's pregnant too and I was so intrigued. Soon after I had this nursing bra in Garnet and Butterscotch in my hands and I've been wearing them in a constant rotation since then. Isn't the Pink Ice color so lovely too?

The fabric is tight to support but also gives where it needs to. I adore the clips and how stable they are as other bras I've found are a bit flimsy and I fear with a lot of usage, they would snap or break. Another thing I appreciate currently is the banding being so wide and offering the perfect amount of structure while staying comfortable. Hallelujah! They have additional liners in the cup area which has been a nice feature with all my colostrum leaking right now... haha!

I'm assuming when Hollyn arrives, the fit will slightly differ because my boobs were huge with Emery but because these have give, I think they'll be perfect! I'm currently a 36D and wearing a size M in these babies, for your reference!

What are some necessities you've found that are a must when pregnant and can be carried through to postpartum? I'm all ears!