jeans- American Eagle | top- Love Winnie James | sandals- Target | crossbody bag- Logan and Lenora | stroller- Quinny | emery dress and shoes- Old Navy

It's Friday! I can't tell you how much we needed something to look forward to after our week. Monday, Hollyn came down the a stomach bug, Tuesday it was Drake, Wednesday Emery and Thursday myself and Andrew. It was rough and I felt like at one point we all wanted to die. The kids and I feel a whole lot better but it's lingering for daddy and we are so looking forward to Sunday when he's off to get some much needed refreshing time together as a family... not puking.

 We actually have a busy weekend scheduled out for the kids and myself so I'm prepping tonight, loading up the car with the stroller (for Hollyn), a packed wet bag and books and activities to keep the kiddos happy. I've learned when running errands, you need to have approximately 127 snacks and 14 games to keep your kiddos occupied before a meltdown ensues. Let's chat some mom hacks that may make errands a tad easier with little ones...

Pack the night before you have plans. I find when I pack in the morning, diapers bags, Emery's back pack, the car, everything that's needed for the day, I'm running around like a crazy person. When I've done this the night before, it's all laid out and ready to go, the morning is focused on getting the kids dressed and fed and it's a whole lot less chaotic.

Pack accordingly. Think through your plans and how long you'll be out to ensure you have all that's necessary. Knowing Hollyn does formula and I can't easily whip out a boob, I have to pack 3-4 bottles worth of formula in case we're out later than I expect. Likewise, toddlers are feisty things and snacks to appease them are recommended. I pack double what I feel would do the trick and almost every time, I use more than anticipated. Think diapers, change of clothes, puzzle and books for car drives or an iPad in case it's a long car stretch. I use Logan and Lenora wet bags for packing the kiddos because they wipe clean. Genius invention and perfect for messy babies and kids.

Contain those babies! Emery is in a defiant place of toddlerhood and it's proving a stroller isn't happening for her. Some days I can get her in one, others it's a whole battle in itself and I'm all about choosing my battles with her wisely. She's a great listener without a stroller and when she's walking freely so I've been letting that happen more often. That said, I just need a compact, easy to travel and lightweight stroller for Hollyn. I use the Zapp Flex Plus from Quinny for that purpose.

Brings the oils! I stress when going out with the kids whether it's only to church or the grocery store or it's an all day extravaganza with friends and family. I get worked up and anxious and I've learned to prepare. I prep through prayer and with toting some oil blends along I find keep me grounded and calm throughout the day. My favorite blend I call BALANCE is 15 drops Valor, 10 drops Grapefruit and 10 drops Lemon all in a roller bottle and topped with fractionated coconut oil. Are you into oils and using them to decompress? 

We chose to load up our new Zapp Flex Plus from Quinny for this weekend because it's so compact and an incredibly smooth ride, making it perfect for errands and getting in and out of stores quickly. It helps being this gorgeous pink hue because Emery wants to be big sister status and push the stroller for me. I'll take all the help I can get! I completely love having the option to use our car seat adapters and click Hollyn in or forward face her to enjoy the ride. You've seen me rave about the luxe quality of Quinny strollers over the years and this new collection doesn't disappoint.

What are your plans this weekend? Still recovering from July 4th festivities?