swimmers | Kortni Jeane

You all were so incredibly encouraging when I posted about body positivity a bit back and I feel I need to extend a proper thank you for the support. I know women deal with insecurities and struggles on a daily basis whether they hear it verbally from people, reading it online or inside their own heads and it typically sucks.

We've all been there at one point.

The beautiful thing is we decide the way we feel about it and how we're going to move forward from those little (or big) whispers of not being enough, not looking a certain way, not being a cut out of the "normal" mold or whatever the case is. WE get to choose how we've directly impacted by that. WE DO. Are you hearing me?

I found from all the comments, messages and emails, there's a lot of us feeling inadequate but it seems when I posted myself confidently, you were impacted positively. Truth be told, I was and am damn terrified sharing my body with you all. It's flawed but I'm made in His image. Doesn't matter the size I am, the color skin I have, the language I speak or my political views. I am worthy in the eyes of Christ and I find comfort in that.

I'll be honest, I'm on a journey to self love and a journey to changing lifestyles in our home. It's working too. A handful of you are messaging me on instagram sharing your noticing and I appreciate it, truly. It's a boost to my day hearing those encouraging words and gets my butt through my next workout, next healthy meal, next outing being active. YOU are helping me along this journey.

I love that we have the ability to use platforms to uplift, support and encourage one another. When we use those things for good, big things can happen, hearts can be healed, reached and comforted.

So thank you for reaching out to me after my vulnerability and sharing your stories. We're in this together.