Can I tell you a secret? We've been struggling in the sleep department for this little princess and I feel like quite the burnt out zombie as of lately. We worked with Lauren from Sleep and the City when Hollyn was a newborn and it helped so much but with teething and developmental leaps, I got into a really bad habit of popping a bottle in her mouth the 2-3 times she's been waking up and now she has a crutch.

I called Lauren just yesterday to get some more advice and figure out a routine from here and today was day one. So far, so good! I thought it was a good opportunity to share the post her and I pulled together way back when we first connected and share she just launched a Newborn Sleep Survival Guide. I know it's an investment to get started with a sleep consultant and this guide gives you all the goodies at a fraction of the cost. Win win!

As far as what we're doing with Hollyn now, she's continuing to sleep with a pacifier, lovey and DockATot. We make sure she always has white noise going and the room is blacked out. It's now my job to ensure I quite using those crutches I've put in place, bite the bullet with a rough week or two of transitioning and hopefully with a new nap schedule and weaning her at night, she will be sleeping 11-12 hours again.

Crossing my fingers!