Today was rough. Like really, really rough. I sat and cried in my car, I cried getting the girls bathed, I cried to my instagram audience sharing how the thick of motherhood is hard. It's really effing hard. I have days I snap over and over, I find myself wishing away the day and counting down the minutes to bed time and I have days I am just done. I can't fathom having one more melt down or tantrum and I've mentally thrown in the towel.

Today, I found out that's normal. It's common and it's welcomed and supported by all those other moms out there going through the exact same thing. I strive to raise my babies with a heart for Jesus, with manners and politeness, with respect and compassion - but a lot of my days, I catch myself wondering when the heck is that going to sink in.

But reality check. They're babies and kids. They aren't grown adults with it's expected to have our tantrums together (for the most part) and their life completely in order. They have these emotions they are trying to learn and deal with; love, anger, excitement, fear, joy, sadness... and I'm hear to show them that's okay to have them all! God made them that way! It's my job to teach them how to honor those emotions, feel them, and share them respectfully when the time is presented.

Let me say, the middle of Target using the anger emotion, throwing yourself on the ground... not my favorite time for you to use that one. Could we maybe save it for the car?

Last night I found myself with the above situation happening with all eyes of people around me ON ME. Looking at me with judgment and disgust. Not a single person said "you're doing a good job, mama!" or something like "they love you and keep doing what you're doing" I think anything encouraging in that moment would've lightened my heart and given me some hope. So my encouragement to you - next time you see a mama with kiddos all over, losing their minds and she looks mortified and hurt and embarrassed... go give her a hug and say "you are doing a great job."

And if you're one of the people who responded to my instagram story today, thank you. You held my hand today and I felt it. It takes a village and I'm blessed by mine.