Every morning I get up, check my phone for any urgent emails, scroll instagram and facebook, make sure all scheduled posts actually went live and before I know it, I'm an hour in and already engulfed in social media, work, and the stress of the day. 

I've really been trying to switch up my routine with grabbing a cup of coffee, getting the diffuser going, and spending time in the Word. It's not already easy and relaxing because three kids break up the calmness of that but it sets me on a better foot starting out my day. I find I'm way more calm and less worked up about all the little things throughout the day and I'm finding I have a good opportunity to share Jesus and talk about our faith with the kids.

During that time, I haven't even touch my phone! What?!! Yep, I don't even look at my phone or bring it away from my nightstand until I'm ready to jump into work for the day. It's such a freeing feeling knowing I'm just not engaging in that until it's time to "clock in" for the day. You should seriously try it!!

What's something you do to help the stress of the day slowing come to life after waking?