We got back late last night from a short trip to Mexico. I was our first time back to "Arizona's Beach" since Andrew had his accident in 2016 so it was kind of an emotional roller coaster for me. I grew up going every couple months and we did that all throughout the first years of our marriage but once we hit the snag with his accident, I didn't really have the desire to go back and relive those memories.

It was Andrew's birthday on Sunday so he really wanted to spend some time back in Mexico and soak up the sun and relaxation so we did - kid free! I'm happy we went and kept saying we for sure need to go back again with the kids. Drake has yet to come with us and Emery went twice - once at 4 months and then at 15 months. I'm working on getting the kiddos passports now so we can get back sometime in the winter with cooler weather and more family with us.

Overall, it was a great trip! But I will say, I was homesick and missing the kids like crazy. Do you guys typically vacation as a family or just you and your spouse? I think doing both is so good for you! Pour into that marriage and get time alone but also create memories as a family and experiences together.

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