Grief is a funny thing. Andrew's grandpa went home to Jesus September 2017 and we said goodbye to him October 2017 with all the family, cousins, aunts, uncles... everyone. It was rough. I have a video on my phone from minutes after learning he passed of Emery in her Elsa costume and her asking "mommy, why are you crying? are you okay mommy?" and I wanted to remember her sweet soul and her sweet comments because she said over and over she loved me and asked if I needed a hug.

Their hearts are innocent and pure and GOLD. Solid freaking gold. In that moment it was comforting and familiar and gave me a good push to get through the days following coming to terms with not seeing grandpa again.

Fast forward to July 2018 and Andrew's grandma needed a favor from him. He loves finding cars, flipping cars, and making a business of it so when she needed to turn in the lease on her vehicle and buy a new one, Andrew was all over it. Take note, we're in Phoenix and she's in Golden, CO. Of course he found her the best deal and we planned to drive there 13 hours on a Thursday, get in around 7pm, spending Friday with family and fly home first thing Saturday morning.

It was a whirlwind. A good and healing whirlwind.

We stayed with his grandma and it was my first time being in that home. So much love and memories were there. SO MUCH was told through the things on the walls and collectibles they had throughout the home. It was like a big wave of grief all over again knowing he wasn't there to give us a big hug and share a donut and coffee. Such a weird experience coming to terms with that.

Being at peace with his passing was easy because we knew he was no longer in pain after suffering for so many years - he was with Jesus now. Whole and home.

Such a random post but it's always good to talk about what's happening in life and share our hearts.