Giving the gift of wellness is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. As we've transitioned our home to non-toxic and chemical free, it's been eye opening how much better we all feel and how we are able to take those tiny steps everyday being intentional about what we consume. It doesn't have to be big changes all at once, but small, mindful and smart choices so while oils and getting into them can be intimidating for some, here are some ideas for gifts using essential oils for you this holiday season!

Oil + Gift Combos

  • lavender oil and eyelash curler
  • lime vitality and a cocktail shaker
  • peppermint vitality and a coffee mug
  • gentle baby oil and swaddle blanket
  • purification oil and wool dryer balls
  • cinnamon bark and tea towel
  • thieves and cozy socks
  • rosemary vitality and measuring spoons
  • lemon vitality and glass water bottle
  • tea tree and a yoga mat
  • stress away oil and a good book
  • joy oil and piece of jewelry
  • christmas spirit oil and an ornament
  • valor and roller holder
  • dream catcher and porcelain diffuser

We're opting for the last item here with a little coffee mug and Starbucks gift card included. We go simple but intentional and I think everyone wants to diffuse an oil smelling exactly like the holidays while sipping a coffee from a loved one! ;)