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Happy Thursday! Ever get in those funks you literally are drowning with all the things you have to get done? I am really good about consistency with lists and our calendar and how to add all the things to my plate but executing them on a timely basis and following through is where I always drop the ball. I have the highest hopes for myself and getting things in order and structured and systematized and then BOOM. Doesn't happen... it's totally my fault but I'm working on it!

We moved my work space from our master bedroom into the playroom last week and some may think that's actually insane but it's working super well for us right now. I say right now lightly because that could change tomorrow. Reason being, we're homeschooling the girls I ordered Emery's curriculum so having our oversized table my dad built all set up for myself and Emery with school keeps everyone happy and in the same space so we can be productive.

Which leads me into - I actually did meal planning this week - what?! I can't believe I actually did it, shopped and prepped so we're golden for at least a solid 6 days from now. Here's the print I made and print out to fill in with our meals and then post it up by the family calendar and the kid's chore charts so all can see. I really don't like the continued questions of "what's for dinner mom?" so having it where everyone knows is doing me a big favor.

I'll share some more on homeschool with our processes, curriculum, system and why we chose it for the girls next week. Also working on a post with some info about my current gym routine / life of how it's working for me and maintaining the lifestyle we have been the last 7 weeks.

Okay, talk soon!!