written November 2019

We spent the first half of this week in Rocky Point, Mexico (Puerto Penacso) as it's one of our favorite places to escape to. We live in Arizona and this is essentially "Arizona's beach" being a 4 hour drive away. I had a lot of DM's when I shared we were headed down for a few days both of excitement from local AZ friends who go and others from people thinking we're crazy for visiting because they felt it was dangerous.

A little back story, I've been vacationing here since I was little and my parents have been since they were dating. I grew up with this being a regular place to get away to and when Andrew and I got married, it morphed into being somewhere we chose to go for trips, too. When coming down often, you actually get close to and get to know the community and people there since you visit the same places regularly.

Because a lot of the same questions come up often when we visit, I thought it would be good to pull those FAQs and have a hub for them to reference for people!

What documents do you need for traveling to Mexico since you drive?
Anyone who is 16 years or older will need a passport to travel across the border and back. With the kids, we take a photo copy of their birth certificates and that's all required for them but when Drake is 16, he will need a passport to be able to enter and exit the country.

What are your favorite places to visit?
  • Wrecked - for a really cool and chill vibe and where we go first when we get to town. We always grab a margarita and Vegas Bomb and the kids love listening to music, playing ping pong, and walking down on the beach since it's right by the water
  • La Curva - for the best breakfast you can imagine! They make legit Juevos Rancheros that are to die for. I used to ask Andrew to drive me down just for that meal when I was pregnant because they're that good. Also get the Especial Numero Uno for a really good breakfast margarita!
  • El Pollo Lucas - you get a whole chicken, rice, beans, salsa... all the fixings for like $20 and it's incredible. We do this one of the night's we're in town for dinner and everyone loves it.
  • Max's - for the most legit, over the top and killer bloody mary.

Where do you normally stay?
When we do a condo, we stay at Sonoran Sky. It's a beautiful resort that has a few pools, kid friendly, right on the beach and the rooms are perfect. They are set up with their own kitchen, laundry rooms, bedrooms and all so we bring food down with us so we eliminate eating out quite a bit and save money.

Is there a lot to do down there?
Relaxing!! I know some people love to adventure and do lots on vacations but we like to chill, relax, do nothing and have no agenda which is why we enjoy Rocky Point. Everything is slower paced and we don't actually make plans aside from where we're eating and if we're doing the beach or the resort pool. They do have ATVs to rent and parasailing... but we've never done that.