one (size down 2 sizes), two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Happy Monday! I shared last week on Instagram I was browsing Walmart the other night and was pleasantly surprised by all the cute items they have for little girls right now so I placed an order to stocked Emery and Hollyn for spring and summer which all arrived within 2 days at my doorstep!

Let me just say, it actually makes me a little crazy when I see people do hauls for their kids of all ages because I feel like little ones can definitely wear hand-me-downs from older siblings and spending money on clothing that they grow so fast with and wear and tear feels rough on the wallet sometimes. My method is storing Emery's old things she doesn't fit in anymore in a bin and every season Hollyn gets to "go shopping" through it, try on things and pick what she likes and it's a highlight for her! She loves it and feels so special getting "new" clothes. So when I do a haul like this, it's for the growing girl who is outgrowing all her items and truly needs staples for the upcoming season. With this haul, I got 18 things total and 3 of those were for Hollyn as the rest was for Emery as she's growing like a weed.

Couple things to note, I did find Walmart runs big. Hollyn is still wearing 3T in clothing from them and Emery is doing a 6/6x except in shorts where I did a 7/8. She typically takes a 7/8 but even in this darling striped dress, Emery took a 5T. I didn't find much in store so I ordered all online and only returned a couple things in store to then order in smaller sizes online.

I hope this round-up helps making shopping for your little one simple this spring! xo