July 2, 2013

Green Goodness

We've talked a few times about having my lifestyle change on the blog dealing with my migraines and finding meals for me that are all organic and all clean eating so I've finally learned my perfect mixture of ingredients for a delectable green smoothie. It took me a few tries and if it were really up to me, I'd alternate the fruits from a strawberry, banana to pineapple, blueberries and pear. I've shown the first option here excluding the almond milk I use. I buy all my items from Sprout's or Trader Joe's and stock up for the week on Saturdays.

Basically, it's the most simple of meals to make and it's something that makes you feel like a rock star. Kick it up with some extra spinach or sweeten it a bit with a touch of Stevia.

Enjoy, friends!


  1. This looks so good; I can't wait to try it! If you have time to stop by today please do; we are giving-away a few items from BaubleBar!

  2. I love green smoothies! My favorite way to get in extra greens and nutrients!

  3. Oh yum, I need to try this!


  4. This looks good! I tried a green smoothie once and it was so bad. I'll have to give this a try! I add protein powder to my smoothies to keep me full until lunch.


  5. Being healthier is definitely something I focus more on these days, love this post.

  6. I'm scared of green smoothies! :| I know how great they can be for you (and I'm sure I definitely SHOULD at least try them out) but I'm deathly afraid!