Maybe solved might not be the best way to describe this because it may not work for you but hey, it works for me and that makes me happy! I used to sleep soundly when I was growing up I think due to dancing all the time and school being completely exhausting. Now that I've "grown up" (stupid adulthood!) I seem to have trouble a) winding down for the night and b) actually sleeping.

I'm envious of my husband cause once he's on the couch in front of the TV for an hour before bed, his mind has turned work off and he's already getting into his "down time" needed before hitting the sheets. I, however, sit on the couch, still going through emails, planning my next day, thinking about what I should wear, considering how I should promote my next post, going through social media feeds, catching up on the house "to-do" list....blah blah blah. I think you get the point. It was months of sleepless nights with the days following with migraines due to lack of sleep so I finally broke down and purchased sleepy tea. Literally, it's called sleepy tea and I buy it at Sprouts. This stuff changed my life. From there I threw in a couple other elements and since I've been sleeping much more soundly. Let's review, shall we?

one // Soft Hair Ties: Since my hair has been starting to grow a bit, it's now a nuisance when I toss and turn at night. I've purchased some of the infamous Anthro hair ties to pull it back, which one, gives me a better night's sleep and two, doesn't pull as tight as the standard high tie leaving my hair without a crease! Perfect for styling the next day.

two // Lavender Lotion: It's really true, lavender does help soothe and calm bringing a sense of tiredness over your body so I've pulled in some lotion to my nightly routine and sometimes I even use Johnson & Johnson's Night Time Baby Lotion. Trust me, it works!

three // Pillowcase: Invest in a soft pillowcase. When we first got married we purchased 2 sets of sheets from IKEA because they were $30 and the perfect gray but they are terrible when it comes to comfort. I since then I have bought a few sets from Target and only buy 500 or more thread count or organic cotton and it's made the world of difference with comfort. On the same note, get a pillow that you love lounging with. Hubs likes his big and fluffy, I like mine thin and hard. Find what speaks to you and get it!

four // Face Regimen: Each night, I like to take 15-20 minutes pampering myself. I get my jammies on, snag the lavender lotion and dive into a small window of time washing my face, doing a light microderm a few times a week, adding eye cream and night time moisturizer. I used to skip and sleep with make up on a lot because I was but learned taking the time is not only better for my skin but better for my sleep because I've washed away the day's work, built a fresh canvas and prepped it for some z's.

five // Sleepy Tea: I said it above but I'll say it again, get some. I like vanilla and I add a touch of organic raw honey. It's bliss.

six // Jammies: Am I the only one who used to just grab whatever was comfortable when you're home not caring if they match or not and throw them on? Well I shopped around a little and bought a few lingerie type numbers from Forever 21 and H&M and started changing into those beauties as soon as I'm home. It's like you're getting ready for a party.... but a sleep party and you feel darling while doing so.

Out of everything mentioned above it's really not about drugging yourself or finding the only position you can fall asleep in. I see it more as taking the time to care for yourself and to pamper so you can feel better and stay vibrant during your days! 

Does anyone else have tips they've learned to a better night of sleep?