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We are on the cusp of a Mexican vacation so my mind is all in packing mode! We are a short 4 hour drive from Rocky Point aka Puerto Penasco and are so in need of this little get away. It's our happy place and we visit a few times a year. This time, we're splurging one night and going down just hubby and wife before my whole family meets us down there for the rest of the long weekend. I plan to soak in that one day with my man on the beach, getting my tan on.... while he drinks for me. Womp womp, I do know everyone has plans to drink for me this trip so I'm the awesome DD, guess that's what happens when you're pregnant.

Anyway, I wanted to pull together my usual beach bag with my essentials this time without Corona and lime on the list and that's very saddening. Just saying. Enjoy shopping! xx

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