Well we made it home from our beautiful Washington vacation tonight! After a long day of travel we are both pooped and to top it off Andrew was sick the ENTIRE trip. It started Saturday morning when we woke up and only progressed; today was his worse day yet so we're praying after a night of rest he can be on the mend in the near future. It's a good thing we had no agenda on this trip so he could take it easy. Our days consisted of sleeping in, reading books, looking through photo albums and watching old home videos (he was ready to run FAR away from me after that!) ;)

We were even SO lucky to have awesome seats on our flights without any passengers next to us. What a convenience for us to stretch out and enjoy some snoozing/reading/movie watching! :D
Here are some pictures of what we experienced:

All in all, the trip was such a blessing. We are so grateful Grandma and Grandpa opened their home to us and were welcoming with open arms. Now, back to reality! :)