Did you know that 86% of people ages 18-30 years old DON'T go to church. What's with this generation? Why is God so distant from people's hearts? What's wrong with having faith? Why isn't it the {norm} to be a faithful person? Is the Lord's heart breaking seeing people lose relationships with him? Can we fix this?

I ask these questions ending a series at CCV entitled {QUESTIONS}. Today: What is the point of church? Many of the questions I asked above came up today with our topic and it got me thinking. Here, I'm sharing some of my notes with everyone hoping they go out this week praying for God's 
grace and love while they connect with him in their everyday lives.

Statistics show that 18-30 year olds are the generation of {anti-church}. This doesn't mean they don't believe in God or have faith but they don't see it as a necessity to attend church. Why? Who wouldn't want to come into a place with hundreds of people like them who love the Lord? Who wouldn't want to stand strong and praise the Lord's name? It's an amazing feeling knowing you're all in this together; all in the same world sharing the love of Christ and dealing with the same temptations.

Overprotective: being someone who was brought up in a religious home but chose a different path. Example: KATY PERRY! Yes, the singer/celebrity. She was raised eating {angel eggs} not deviled eggs. Funny, but she's been washed up by culture and lost her touch with Christ.

Antiscience: Does faith and science mix? The world is technology based now; embrace the word of God by getting an app. YouVersion is an amazing Biblical App for android and apple. LOOK IT UP!

Doubtless: How do you incorporate your faith in everyday life? Be confident in your love of the Lord and share that with others.

Okay people, get your GPS out now and {recalculate} your relationship with Christ. Admit you're behind, admit you've sinned, admit you have temptations. By God's grace we are forgiven. Find a way to get back to the meaning of church. Be REAL-RELEVANT-RELATIONAL! Jesus loves you and accepts you for who you are.

Hebrews 10:24
"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds"
Just a thought people. Ponder!