I mean really, you know you've got problems when you're kickin' it with friends drinking and all you're worried about is if that red jello shot is going to spill on your husbands white shirt and how much OxiClean it will take to get the stain out. 
Also exclaiming "I NEED MY CLOROX WIPES!!" when it's spilt on the table.
I need to get out more.

So apparently Saturday night was a little stressful for me and my {to-be laundry duties} in the coming days as I knew we were running low on OxiClean.
But don't fret guys, we made a Costco trip after church today so it's all good!
We are stocked for roughly 3months and 5 days.

Does anybody else get super excited about Costco too??
I mean I left church practically running to the car in excitement for the coming adrenaline rush due to shopping in bulk.
It's so smart, efficient, cheap, and I can't lie about how giddy I get when I see those Crest White Strips for only $40... and the frozen yogurt waiting for me to devour it while walking a few miles around the store.
It's pure love-- at it's finest.
The person who thought of that was genius!
I love you.
Whoever you are.

Atlas, I'm off to presoak some tops from Saturday nights fiasco before engulfing myself in a night of laundry and the Academy Awards. This is what happens when you're... old, uncool and completely content with that.


Let me just warn you all to never write a post when you have your hubs and giant dog both
snoring obnoxiously loud.
I can't even hear myself think.