We love our church.
You've seen that here.

Always have.
is welcoming, beautiful, provides opportunity to serve and is huge.
When I say huge, I mean huge.
Like 20,000 members; huge.

The church keeps growing!
They currently offer 10 services via 2 locations.
That's great for them cause they apparently are doing the right things to attract more but it's difficult for families like ours who want more of an intimate feel.

Andrew and I both grew up behind the scences at our churches with parents volunteering and parents who were on staff so it was second nature for us to be involved in youth, summer camps, charities, anything and everything there was to offer, we were there.
We chose to start our journey at CCV together cause we felt like it was time to worship our Lord just the two of us. We took a back seat to serving and have enjoyed our ability to come only for service rather than for all the behind the scences extras. We haven't been apart of a small group, or marriage group, or volunteering but it's time for us to get back into that environment.

We want to do that by serving with the youth.

We connected immensely with our youth leaders just a handful of years ago and we feel like we could have that same relationship and impact for kids in the youth program currently.
This means it's time to move on.

We are offcially moving back to my personal roots by attending
This is the church i grew up in; there are bitter|sweet connotations but I'm ready for the challenge.
We've spent time praying and learning through Gods actions and this is where he wants us to be.

We are excited for an intimate relationship with new friends.
We are excited to embrace a small congregation of 1,000.
We are excited to see God work in our hearts to get involved.

This is big.
& we can't wait for this journey to begin.

Oh and, what did everyone give up for Lent?
Any type of drink except water.