Recently I started taking Zumba classes Tuesday|Thursdays at my gym.
Saturday when I was with my dad I told him all about it.
He's joining me tonight.
He had never seen a video of Zumba or what you actually do in the class;
all he knew was how I described it and that there were other men in the classes currently.
I enlightened him to a the actuality of the classes contents Sunday.
All he's worried about now is whether he needs some purple leg warmers and matching sweat band!
This will be epic.
I will attempt to take multiple pictures for proof.
However, I will probably be peeing myself laughing so hard so I'm not positive how successful I will be.
Let me disclose that he is terrible at dancing.
I mean HORRENDOUS-- no coordination.
So this will be a delightful night of much needed laughs and entertainment.

Can't wait to update you all tomorrow!
Happy Tuesday.