Hubs and I love tattoos.

I think you guys know this from reading here and by seeing pictures.
So it's no lie when I say we both have plenty more we want done.
What's stopping us??
 Well, fiances for one thing!
I mean our account isn't exactly looking forward to dropping thousands.
& I have a little "contract" with my dad about no tattoos until I finish school.
womp womp womp.
[Yes dad, I said it!-- It's lame!]
 Which just happens to be the reason why I've been sweet talking the pops to get his first with me so we can bond over getting tatted together!
I'm so clever.
As of now, we're trying to plan a summer trip to NYC for a small vacation, family time and to get tattooed at Wooster Street Social Club.
How freakin' legit would that be?!

We have big dreams to get a tattoo representing our marriage and the commitment we made to each other.
I found this sweet idea on Pinterest and knew it was something we would do.

However, different saying.
Our first dance was to Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler
[the song he sings in the airplane to Julia]
So we've decided we will get:
"All I want to do..."
"is grow old with you."
It suits us so well and sums up our vows we made to each other.
Both will be done on our outside forearms.

Now Andrew is wanting to get his right arm sleeved as his left is already done in tribal.
He's thinking dark greys and blacks with some deep reds to contrast.
If you knew my husband-- this screams Andrew!
Theme is TBD.

Here's the one I'm stoked for hubs about:

His back piece.
I mean.... his WHOLE back.
Psalms 23
"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil; for You are with me."
This is going to be-

a statement

& will provide a constant reminder of strength cause God is with you.

My big tatt??
Philippians 1:7
"It is right for me to feel this way about you, because I hold you in my heart."
I took some beautiful pictures of  flowers on our honeymoon and want my forearm covered with them and to include this verse. It's a reminder of my husband and the beauty we share in our love.

Eventually.... that forearm will work into a full sleeve but that will happen once kiddos enter our home. There will be a lot of inspiration flowing when that happens!

I know some people think tattoos are trashy and they need to mean so much to have them permanently fixed on your body and in my case as well as Andrew's we feel very strongly about what is placed on us. We love tattoos. They're beautiful art that will travel a lifetime with us and we look forward to adding more to our canvas over the years we spend together.