If you follow me on Twitter you saw I finished the Hunger Games series.

1. If you haven't read it yet, do so.
2. Your life will be nonexsistent while reading.
3. Your dreams will turn to all things Hunger Games.
4. Expect tears. Or maybe that was just me but whatever.
I also purchased Taylor Swift-- Eyes Open & Safe and Sound and have been listening non-stop.
I mean like on repeat during my 50 minutes drive to|from work, while I run daily and during the quick clean around the house before hubs gets home.


No shame people.
I get so wrapped up when I'm reading whether it's
Hunger Games
Harry Potter
P.S. I love you
Anything: Emily Giffin or Jane Green
Nicholas Sparks

-- but I feel so attached and close to the story line.
Like I am the one jumping in the arena or casting spells or even eating deer instead of people.
Too much??

Does everyone else feel this way reading?
Do you all get attached and excited for what's to come even when you've read the book 20 times?
Do you get warm|fuzzies when you hear a song from the soundtrack?

Because of these books I have a few things I'd like to do before I die:
+Go to Hogwarts
+ Drink Butterbeer-- & it has to be at the Three Broomsticks!
+Take a cake decorating class from Peeta
+Take a hike to the lake with Katniss
+Re-do our wedding to resemble Edward & Bella's from Breaking Dawn
+............. stay a month in Forks far away from the AZ heat!
Maybe one day.