Does anyone else suffer from severe OCD??
I mean, severe.
Like you fix the pillows on the couch 2 seconds after the person who was sitting there gets up?
Told you it was severe.

Well, I've been learning.
Learning to let things go.
I'm the kind of person who won't take help from anyone else because I have a way to do:

bed making
couch fixing
pillow fluffing
bathroom cleaning
dog feeding
Just to name a few.

But I had an epiphany.
I need to stop with the OCD shenanigans because I'm stressing out like CRAZY.
So badly, I'm surprised I don't have grey hair yet.

So this last week-- you'll all be so proud...
I let Andrew help me with dishes.
I let Andrew to wipe the kicthen counter [he didn't go in the direction I do with the Clorox wipes but I still let him do it!!] :)
I let Andrew hang up laundry.
I let Andrew help bake Friendship Bread.

I mean, really.
I've taken some HUGE strides this last week.
I'm sort of excited about it.
'Cause Lord knows when babies come along, my hair will be grey in a week from all the clutter and chaos. But I'll live.

So I'm starting to learn how now.