When it rains, it pours. We are all too familiar with that saying.
The closing of 2011 was a tough one for the Kinch household as well as close family around us.
We lost someone so dear to our hearts; it still effects me unexpectedly today.

I also lost one of my best friends my Senior year of high school.
Talk about struggles.
Man, I thought I'd never be myself again.
I took my anger out towards God and wanted nothing to do with him.
Why would he condemned me to such suffering?
Did I disobey? Did I stray from loving him? Did I deserve the pain my heart felt?

Our series at church right now is "unchristian".
Sunday we talked about why God causes suffering.
Why do Christians constantly say--
"it wasn't meant to be"
"it wasn't part of God's plan"
"if it's meant to happen, it will happen"
"it was the will of the Lord"
That's not correct.
God does not sit in Heaven planning out who is going to run that red light causing a child to die, planning this man will get cancer and pass a short 6 months later, planning these new parents will suffer a miscarriage, planning this high schooler will overdose.

No. That's not in God's heart.
When my best friend died all I blamed was the Lord. It was his fault for causing this pain.
But did he really plan for that bus to run off the road killing 8 of the passengers??
Absolutely not.

Our Father loves each and every one of us. He is standing along side us rooting for us and struggling when we struggle. Weeping when we weep. It's those moments in life you need the Lord the most to carry your weight. To comfort you in time of need. His heart breaks when our heart breaks.

This song gets me everytime.

& The Book of Job; I encourage you to read it.