Memo board success

April 25, 2012

Referring back to this post, you saw how irritated I was over a stupid memo board.
I was seriously about to punch a hole in the wall right where I wanted it to go-- I think that would've solved my OCD decorating dilemma. Maybe not.
Good thing I didn't try.

BUT-- Saturday I drove my behind straight to Hobby Lobby, got some great accessory stuff and I am one happy camper with a sweet looking memo board!

Do you want to see?? :)


1. I had three 8x10 frames on hand that I put printables in.
[I had Bethany custom make my printables for $3!! Go see her for yours...]

2. I added some teal and green damask scrapbook paper in the frames to coordinate current colors from the kitchen|family room area.

3. I purchased 2 "clips" from Target to hold my Grocery List printable and coupons in the other.

4. The Mesh pen holder I had currently-- also purchased from Target 6-7 months back but they are still carrying the mesh line of office supplies.

5. The Brown flower in the top left corner is remaining burlap I had on hand from this recent project.

6. Canvas rectangles ($2.99-- comes in a pack of 3), black rope ($1.99) and white close pins ($1.99) all purchased at Hobby Lobby.

7. White frame is a loooong piece of baseboard I purchased at Home Depot they cut into the correct measurements for me there.
[they don't normally do the 45 degree angle cuts but after batting some lashes and sweet talk, he did it] ;)

8. The entire back is wrapping paper I found at Target. Be creative here with a pattern or color to make it pop! I have a lot of color throughout the kitchen|family room area so I opted for subtle with this project. You can't tell in the picture but it resembles a burlap texture in the paper.

9. Get some pens and dry erase markers, fill in your menu, to-do list and calendar and you're done!

I felt beyond accomplished after this was completed. Ask the hubs-- I've been working at the kitchen table instead of the couch cause I wanna be up close and personal with it. I love it.

I know Pinterest can be frustrating as they post different crafts to be done that look so easy. But.They.Aren't. That's where you come in-- make what you're working on your own, be creative and ballsy cause you're the one living with it.

I hope you seeing my debacle with Pinterest and this craft has encouraged you to open that "DIY" Pin Board and get to making something fun for Spring. Even if it isn't Pinterest worthy in your mind, it's still worthy to be in your home cause YOU made it.


  1. The memo board is precious! You did such a great job! I also love your new button and layout! It is too cute!!

  2. It turned out so great! Anything is totally great when you just keep going! There is a reason though sometimes you just buy things already done! Darn Pinterest--they should have a store!

  3. So cute! Love it!

  4. Love it! It turned out perfect! :)

  5. Looks great!!! Love how rustic it looks!

  6. wow! what an amazing job you did! I totally love it and I LOVE where you choose to put it!!!

  7. this memo board is adorable! it makes me want to be creative...haha

  8. You did such a good job!
    I LOVE the burlap :)


  9. Love it! Looks fantastic in your home!

  10. I really like this! I live in a small apartment, so there is no room for something like this. I'll have to put this on my list of things I want to have in my home one day :)


  11. that thing? amazing!!! wish i had the patience!

  12. Looks fantastic! I'd say this was a great success for you!!
    And I love your tulips!!
    Have a great day!

  13. That looks AMAZING! I want to make one so badly now!!

  14. I love that!!! Looks so great.

  15. I LOVE this! Make one for me and ship it to me in Alaska when I get there? Okay? Thank you!!(;

  16. And you were stressing about this?! It looks AH-MAY-ZING! yes, three syllables worth of amazingness.
    I want your skills.

  17. This looks amazing and it is so adorable! You've got me in a crafty mood now!

  18. That looks so great! I want to make one now!

  19. just found your blog via from the guest room! I love it and am following you now! This is adorable and I want to make one like it!