Blessed: Blissfully happy or contented.

Have you noticed the beauty all around you and how our Lord has moved through our earth leaving mighty footprints of His love everywhere? Have you noticed it isn't easy to stop and be thankful for those beauties in our everyday, busy lives? Have you noticed when you do take a moment to be grateful for what our Father has created for us, your heart becomes full, happy and contented? 

Blessed. That was my few days away, isolated by only God's hand prints to distract me.

High School Summer Camp
Camp Tontozona

And I arrived home to my husband leaving beautiful hand prints throughout our home, reminding me he honors me by doing the small things that make my heart melt.

A made bed and a love note. Both speaking straight to my heart.
And let's not forget my Brutty Boy-- he was all smiles when mama arrived :)

 Jesus SPENT IT ALL on us. What have you done to show your gratitude and love for our Savior?