Tick Tock.

June 21, 2012

I leave Sunday for High School Summer Camp.
[insert happy dance!!]
But seriously, I could NOT be more excited about this adventure the Lord placed on my path.
I've been told by a few co-workers at the church that I seem like someone who can get along and influence the youth age group in a positive way and that it's something I seem to excel at.
That makes my heart so full.
Since starting with the youth in February, my life has more sense of purpose. I feel accomplished and gratified knowing I'm making a difference-- it may be a small difference-- but a difference in these students lives.

It's taken time to adjust to learning how things work.
I won't lie, after week 2 I left crying and was so emotional saying I can't just dive in and be their friend! I'm shy and possess an introverted personality. How could I let these kids break my shell and bombard me with life and all the trials and triumphs that come along with it?
I fully intended to step down after 2 weeks of putting myself out there and encourage only my husband to continue with making this impact.

Here we are a few months later and tables have turned.
These kids light up my life. Their energy and heart for the Lord has increased mine and only made me want to grow closer to God to be an even brighter light shining in their lives.

As Summer Camp approaches, I find myself with the same jitters I did way back when I was the student about to take a week of my life and spend it growing my love of the Lord. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, hopeful, optimistic.
This week is something I believe my own Faith needs also. 

I have to admit, I'm sad to be leaving hubs behind. We haven't spent much time apart on vacations and that makes me nervous. I'm used to having him with me as my rock and this week it's me, by myself, solo. Yes, we're a phone call away but I pray I can adjust to being without him during this exciting time with the youth. And yes, I'm sappy and it's mushy shenanigans but Andrew has been there holding my hand while developing relationships with the students and leaders here at Joy; naturally it's a change that's leading me into the unknown and who wouldn't be a little sketchy about that?

As this weekend draws nearer I pray daily that the Lord will guide me this week with these students. Help me develop deeper, meaningful relationships and give me strength to open up to them. They deserve that much and it's only going to help me as an individual-- help me to become a stronger, more independent woman of Christ.


  1. How exciting. I wish you luck and cannot wait to read more postings on this journey. :)

  2. What a wonderful opportunity! I pray the Lord will bless your time at the youth camp. It sounds like you have a huge heart to serve and love on these children! I'm sure the Lord will use you during this week. I also pray that you will not miss your hubby as bad as you may think. However, I would totally feel the same way if I were you. I don't like being away from my husband either!

  3. I also work with my youth group at my church, but I've been doing it a little longer... (almost 7 years!!) And I absolutely love it. The kids are so amazing and I love being even a tiny part of their lives. I'm so excited for you to get a chance to go to camp with them next week. It will be a great opportunity to build relationships and grow so much closer with them.

    And actually, I'll be on a youth trip this whole week too! We're going on a mission trip to Miami, leaving tomorrow bright and early in the morning! I will say a prayer for you and your group :)


  4. so amzing. cant wait to hear allllll about it!
    xox hugs

  5. Exciting!! What a wonderful adventure! You are going to grow so much during that week at youth camp! I totally understand not wanting to leave the hubs... but I know that this is going to be so amazing for you! What an awesome example you are :)