There are those moments when marriage is the most beautiful thing. When you know deep in your heart that the Lord made this person for you; when you know your life was meant to be shared with this one individual.

Yes, you can choose to love. But there are those moments when the love you have for them is so natural and perfect. Moments when you heart is bursting with contentment, peace and happiness.

You light up my heart, my world, my whole being. You bring happiness into the smallest actions of my days. You make my cheeks hurt from smiling because you just know how to make me laugh. You know how to put me at ease, you know how to love me so unconditionally it sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for being you and blessing me with a wonderful marriage I look so forward to living throughout all my days.
Forever & always,

I know life can get in the way of truly appreciating the moments that we're meant to cherish. And I know obstacles and temptations blur our vision but I encourage us to slow down a little, smell the sweet monsoons in our AZ, enjoy the heat kissing our cheeks, wind down drinking some tea on the patio. And do this with a loved one making memories, together.