July 18, 2012

Hubs and I like them.
We were lucky enough to get our marriage tattoos not too long ago.
They mean the world to each of us-- we're very traditional and focus our marriage around the Lord so these tattoos only represent those fundamentals even more.

It's my favorite tattoo on my body. I love the unity of script and how it gives us a symbolic connection. These are words I'll always remember throughout our many days of marriage and lifetime together. What I love even more is when we hold hands, our tattoos shine.

Happy marriage, my love. 
I'm so glad we have a visual statement for all to see. Only expressing our hearts deepest desires of marriage and how we build our lifestyle around keeping God the center of our household.


  1. I love your tattoos! I think they are both so expressive your personalities and it is an amazing way to show the world how you both love each other. What a testimony and an example of Christ! So go on girl...Let it shine! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. That is such a cute tattoo!

  3. I just love you two and how much you have a solid foundation for your marriage. So inspiring. Love you and hope all is well dearest!!!

  4. I love your guys' tattoos! Very cool that you guys did them in almost a matching way.

  5. I'm beyond in love with these! Now if I could only convince my FI he wants one (he doesn't have any yet) ....

  6. The hubs and I are totally getting marriage tattoos too! I can't wait :)

  7. Stop being so cute. JKJK. I love you both! :)

  8. Girl I be loving this! And your new design! Cute!


  9. i love them!! they look great!!

  10. love this post so much. thank you for sharing! :)

  11. LOVE your tattoos. Such a symbol of eachother and how God handpicked you for one another.


  12. love them, they turned out great

  13. So I love your tattoos, and am all for getting one with my hubby, however he very much believes that they are damage to your body & "against his religion". We are both Christian, yet different denominations. No amount of convincing will change his mind. I have even tried to start with henna, so that it would grow on him. No go. Any advice? Opinions? I'd love to have an explanation as to how they are not harmful, but I can't come up with anything solid to stand on.

    1. This is a tough one, friend. Our body is a temple and some people have a hard time "marking it up" if you will... I and my husband are in the mindset our tattoo are a way of expressing our love in a symbolic method. It's there for each and every person to see-- to understand it represents our eternal commitment to each other.

      Today tattoos are also accepted so much more so than they were before. Does he realize a lot churches have employees with tattoos? It's no longer a deal breaker because it's more accepted socially.

      I'm sorry if I haven't helped at all.... such a tough one!