I'm blessed.
And sometimes that's something I take for granted and sometimes I don't realize how I don't deserve the things God has blessed me with but he loves me still and still chooses to bless me.
Can you believe that?

Our God takes our flaws and imperfections and sins and chooses to continually love us, adore us, shower us with His grace and bless us. I struggle to wrap my head around that. Why does God deem us worthy of His grace? Why does he believe we deserve His love?

He died to save me.
He died to free us of our sins.
He died for me.

He's taken my love of design and worked it into something I can daily consume myself with as a job.
He's taken my servant heart and given me the opportunity to work at my church home.
He's taken my hand in His and walked me through the struggles of life reminding me always, he loves me and guided me to a perfect husband.

Heavenly Father,
I thank you for all you've blessed me with. I thank you for Andrew; he's my rock and best friend and without you, he wouldn't be here. Thank you for Drake. That little man has taught me patience, compassion, love and kindness all since age 3. I thank you for the home you've sheltered us with, the dog that lights up that space and the essentials of everyday life you've provided. You are so good, God. I pray you continue watching over me and my family and I pray you guide me in the directions of life that speak volumes of your love through my actions. I pray your send strength and courage in times of need; I pray you calm my heart through storms that may blur my emotions. Mostly, I pray you keep me humble because without you, I am nothing. In your name.