Friday night I spent 3+ hours searching through the Apple App Store.
For what??
Well the next best photo app to Instagram-- DUH.

This means I was unsuccessful, resulting in me commenting on friends pics asking what app they
are using to make their pics look so dang snazzy.

First off, I'm a little impatient so when I didn't hear back late Friday night, I had to start searching as soon as my eyes opened Saturday morning. So I welcomed 7AM with coffee and lots of googling of: "the best iPhone photo apps".

Up comes this fabulous link:

Let me sum it up for you.
If you want your pictures to go from:


[original, brightened & smoothed in MoreBeaute, filtered in Camera Awesome, funkified in PicFrame & finally-- uploaded to Instagram!]

Then you best be doing what the lady above says.

What to download--
1. Instagram; FREE
2. Camera Awesome; FREE
3. Pic Frame; $.99
4. PicFx; $1.99
[get Bokehful if you don't want to spend the money]
5. MoreBeatue; FREE

Example No. 2
[original, filtered in Camera Awesome, filtered in Instagram & uploaded]

Example No. 3

[original, filtered in Camera Awesome, sparkled in PicFx, jazzed up in PicFrame, uploaded to Insta]

Convinced yet?
I sure hope so.
You may get sick of all my editing and pics but right now, I'm loving the ability to change it up and keep it fresh with new looks not everyone is doing.
So jump on the band wagon!
or don't.... but I'll be filling my Insta feed with some sassy pics in this future.

P.S. I'm slightly obsessed with the sparkles. Don't hate.