A package I've been anxiously awaiting arrived on Saturday. It was full of instagram pics I had printed through the app on my iPhone-- Postal Pix.

I knew I wanted to do something fun with these 4x4inch pictures to hold onto those memories that mean so much to me. So I thought why not make some coasters with these prints? They may not last long but they sure would be cute! So I grabbed some Mod Podge ($8), a paint brush ($1), cork liner ($2.50) and went to town.

I started by laying them across the cork liner. Order and placement doesn't matter here cause you'll be cutting them out later-- just make sure to have enough space between each print to cut a border around each. 

I then brushed Mod Podge across the back of each print adhering them to the cork. Make sure it's thick so your picture will stick long after applying. Let that dry.

After it's completed drying and is adhered completely to the cork, brush Mod Podge over the front of each print. I did 3 layers letting each dry before applying the next. I wanted to make sure they'd be durable and not likely to lift after usage.

Dry. Cut each print leaving a thin border of cork to add a textured element.


I had 10 prints ($3.60) and made all of them coasters. They're spread around the house on different end tables and a few are sprawled across my desk at work. So far I'm loving them and they're so easy to flip over or the cork to absorb any excess water or face up for decoration.


Good luck on your adventure making these.
Feel free to email me with any questions on the process:
aubreykinch [at] gmail [dot] com
& please tell me how it goes!