There are times of life where my heart just explodes with love. There are small moments that take place that bring me so much peace and contentment with where God has placed me today. My marriage has so much to do with my happiness and without God's great kingdom, I know my marriage wouldn't be as blessed and fulfilling as it is.

Sunday at church we talked on the seventh commandment: adultery. Marriage is a sacred promise holding two people for all eternity. Marriage isn't meant to be taken lightly and it's something to always be celebrating. It may not be easy. It may not be peaceful but it's beautiful.

How beautiful is it that I can call my husband my one and only. The man I'll spend the rest of my days with; an eternal bond. God designed marriage to be pure, wholesome, rewarding and precious. He designed our days to be united by His grace. I just can't wrap my head around how great He is knowing how He'd be touching so many hearts with the single organization of marriage. Knowing He'd mold us into forgiving and honorable individuals. Honorable and loyal to my husband, forgiving of those burdens that may come between us in times of struggles.

Our church did it a little differently Sunday. They asked all married couple to stand, take hands and recommit to your marriage. Say your vows, kiss your bride and continue your days honoring, loving and committing to your spouse.

This is definitely where my heart burst with emotion. I was overcome by how sacred God has made the bond between Andrew and I. I was wowed by the beauty it has developed in such a short period of time and ultimately, I'm so thankful God aligned my path with Andrew's when he did. We are one blessed couple and constantly feel fortunate by God's mighty power.