August 30, 2012

Funny how when things get super crazy in life, you tend get down on yourself.

It was said to me so perfectly by my boss yesterday "you're just like me, if you have a list to do you don't rest until it's complete."


That's me for ya. I'm wearing myself thin these last couple weeks with work, designing, the kiddo and even things with the hubs. I'm packing every moment I can into life and that's where I come up short. I feel a sense of helplessness, I'm not fulfilled, I'm not getting the affirmation of being accomplished because I'm not finishing the things on my plate I have to be accomplished.

I like to take on many things in life to live it fully and to embrace every moment of my days but when I am drowning in lists and emails and phone calls it starts to get to me. I'm trying to be effective even with design work while at my office job by bringing my laptop and it's become something stressful. I used to go home, drink a bit of wine and design til my heart's content. Now bringing it to my actual work place, it's harsh and belittling me. I'm sucking the fun right out of my love of design.

Fun sucker.

So I'm glad to say I've made sure my Mac Mini is on it's way to be deemed my work computer and the only computer I'll be taking to work with me. Strictly for CCoJ emails, design work for the campus, building documents and exclusively for the title of a Welcome Services Coordinator. No more laptop for the blogger hours of my work day... that will be refrained from so I can enjoy it at home. In my jammies. With wine. The perfect way a blogger should embrace her blogging community and the proper way to get my creative juices flowing.

It's a season of blooming and a season I'm constantly learning how to navigate. A season I am molding myself into someone that can handle taking a breathe without feeling guilty. And a season where deadlines can be flexible.

And a season where it's okay to ask for help.


  1. awe i feel you on wearing yourself thin. Sometimes I think we do this just to see how far we can push ourselves and forget to enjoy life a little bit! I am glad you are making these steps to becoming happy again about blogging and everything else!! Enjoy your glass of wine :)

  2. We all wear ourselves thin time to time. Make sure you make that extra time for yourself to kick back in your jammies, relax, blog and do what you want! :)

  3. I know this exact feeling. I am redesigning my etsy shop, relaunching my blog, getting ready for an art festiville, searching for a new job (while working 3)and preparing to move into a new to me but old farmhouse.. Talk about stretching yourself thin! Keeping doing your thing girl, I always love popping in to see how you and your cute little family are!

  4. I've felt this way lately because I'll get on to check my work emails at night and all my coworkers are online STILL... and we're talking like, 9pm. Too crazy for me! I love my job and my work, but 6:30 is my limit unless I have a big project going on. I have to shut it down or I would work all night long just to feel like I'm "keeping up" with them. Not fun! Love you!!

  5. I've felt that way recently and just read a post by the Blue Eyed Bride about giving yourself a grace year. I'm going to try and slow down. Thanks for being so positive though on the blog even when you have a 1000 things going on. Its really inspiring!