I finally had a problem with something at Target. I purchased a tote there about 6 months ago in need of something to pack my laptop and planner in for to and from work. It was working great for quite some time since I was only a nanny and I didn't use my laptop excessively but working full time on it now at the church AND full time on it home with design orders, it was getting worn out....fast

Last week the inside liner decided to poop on me so getting my items in and out was becoming such a hassle. Good thing my birthday is right around the corner cause hubs agreed to some birthday money going to a new tote that was better suited for the job.

I hit up TJ Maxx and in an instant I found this beaute. I struggled between a deep green with gold studding and this camel tote buuuut I'm confident I chose the right one. It's the perfect size to throw all my purse items + laptop + planner and if I have some offsite meetings where I'm not needing my laptop, this bag doesn't scream "I'm practically a suit case!" kind of BIG. 

The inside is floral print. 
I'm obsessed with floral anything, so I was sold.

Now that's a great $35 birthday gift if you ask me. I will be testing it out on our weekend away. Brutus is so excited to leave. A whole 2 days with his pal Gibbard and I can guarantee they're going to be little hellions the next 48 hours but that's okay cause they're cute.