This husband of mine, he happens to be amazing. From insecurities to temptations, he is always my biggest supporter and knows what to say to bring a sense of peace and calming over me.

It doesn't matter the precautions we take throughout life to avoid drama and struggles. Things happen and unexpected issues pop up. The devil thrives on making us weak and seeps his way into those cracks of life to cause friction. But God is mighty and he works so strong in our marriage as He's the center of it.

A simple gesture of words of wisdom from the hubs is something I can never be grateful enough for. He keeps me grounded, stable and sane. He brings a sense of reality and courage to any situation. And I'm so thankful for that. I'm a girl with insecurities and having a man so strong and humble by my side is the greatest gift God can bless me with. So yes, my husband is the most confident and loyal man I know. He loves me, trusts me, supports me and has zero doubts I'm always honoring him. That's a beautiful thing in marriage and I can only strive to show him the same respect by honoring, trusting and being confident in him.

"I didn't marry you for a couple years, we're in this forever and I'd never change that."

Thank you husband.

Forever & always.