closing the vacation weekend.

September 16, 2012

This weekend was an ultimate success. I've enjoyed spending my weekend with my in laws and all the people that includes. Andrew is one of 4 and his family is large and I love it. I couldn't be blessed with a better family to have married into and I can say without a doubt, I love them dearly and see them as my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and niece. 

Taking the last 2 days enjoying God's beautiful creation as a family unit is something I won't forget. Building structure as a family with Drake, seeing Kori start becoming her own, watching Alex and Jon be cute little brothers beating up on each other and witnessing my cousins embrace their own family unit warms every fiber of my being.

I'd say Kohls Ranch-- Payson, AZ was a winner.


  1. This trip looks so fun I need to go there I love just getting away

  2. Great pictures! It looks like such an amazing trip :) Dom has a huge family too and I absolutely adore them. I love being accepted into a new and loving family. So many blessings!

  3. You and your boo look amazing together girlie! TRUTH!

    I love how the cute little boy has to stand that close to the TV to make sure he doesn't miss anything! It's like a universal rule for all kiddos... sometimes our hubs too!

    xxo, Bev

  4. Fantastic imagery!! Makes me want to go buy a DSLR right NOW! :) Glad you have a wonderful time! xo

  5. I have been missing out on reading everyone's blogs, so I have been trying to catch up. I just stopped by yours, and OMG, girl, I love your brown hair! I know you probably did it a while back, but it looks so good!

  6. Battleship! Brings back so many memories!