i like to look back.

September 19, 2012

Sometimes you need little reminders of how life is so sweet and how life is so precious and how life is so beautiful. I like to take moments during my day to remember what was sweet to me the day before. Yesterday, I wore heels that haven't been broken in quite yet. I ended my day with blistered feet and a lot of pain. I snatched up some cozy socks, soaked and lathered my tootsies and enjoyed the warmth and healing those socks left me with.

It's really the small things. And those little moments make life so much more enjoyable. Today my feet are sporting some basic gladiators and feel well rested after a night of cozy socks burrowed in blankets.


  1. The socks do sound super comfy. Actually I saw it on Instagram, and was instantly like, "I want to be so cozy like that right now!"

    Also, that first quote about the bicycle is my Facebook cover photo, but a different picture/graphic thingy... love it though!

  2. I love the "yes, you are the fairest" sign! Precious!
    Enjoy a day of relaxing and reminiscing~

  3. Life is beautiful! =) Cute post!