We all know if you've read my About Me page that I am notorious for sending Christmas cards out immediately after Thanksgiving and this year I'm even more prepared cause I've taken on the task of designing, creating, printing and mailing all on my own even down to printing the envelopes with custom calligraphy!

Design is something that has transformed my way of sending cards and I have to say, that's beyond handy when the holidays come around! I've taken some time and come up with something that's so me. I love simplicity and a clean look so when we had our family pictures taken a couple weeks ago, I knew I wanted the picture to be what stood out.

My overall idea is to use a 5x7 section of Kraft paper, then print a 4x6 picture of our card templates on white cardstock (so the picture isn't distorted in color) and adhere it with gold/white striped washi tape on the corners.

You'll notice on the image below the back looks like Kraft paper and the washi tape is shown in grey, that's to simply give you an image of what they should somewhat look like in the final result. The font on the card is also shown in white and that's where I'll bring in the gold sharpie to go over the white for the gold to stand out and to tie in with the washi tape.

What do you think?
If you know me and know my style, you know this screams Aubrey!
It's basic enough hubs will love it and Drake was a fan of the picture picked.
That's winning in my book!

I'd love to work with you to build your holiday cards; check out my design blog for pricing or contact me to get started!

aubreykinch [at] gmail [dot] com